Fractional Customer Support Leader / Executive

  • Set up or optimize your tooling and support infrastructure.
  • If no documentation exists, learn your product and create knowledge ecosystem (all internal and external documentation).
  • If documentation exists, identify gaps and weaknesses, optimize your content, and create sustainable maintenance systems.
  • Develop your customer support voice and tone, and deliver a style guide in alignment with your brand voice, advising on and building key customer communications.
  • Build positive, lasting cross-functional relationships with your product, engineering, and marketing teams.
  • Act as the voice of your customer early in product development.
  • Identify risks and solutions related to your customers' experience.
  • Determine your staffing needs, create job descriptions, hire and train your early Support team.
  • Set up sustainable Support policies, processes, and reporting for your Support team, especially for teams with limited resources.
  • Provide ongoing advice as your Support team scales and your product changes.

Fee: Starting at $30,000/quarter

Unf*ck Your Customer Service

Are you receiving consistently poor ratings from your customers regarding your customer service? Have you gone through your own customer support process and found it a painfully slow and frustrating experience? I can help.

I'll take a deep dive into your existing training, QA programs, support flows, and processes, identifying blockers, pain points, and poorly-executed and inadequate policies and optimizing them, creating a stress-free and low-effort customer experience.

I'll train and mentor your existing customer support team in:

  • Quickly identifying customers' problems and providing relevant solutions.
  • Troubleshooting more technical issues to identify when a quick escalation will create a better experience.
  • Proper case hand-off procedures that will improve time to resolution and the ultimate solution, and remove the burden from your customers of having to repeat themselves with multiple agents.
  • Developing their support voice to match your company's brand voice.
  • Understanding and matching the customer's tone in customer communications.
  • Recognizing when poor customer experiences have happened and turning them into positive experiences that build trust and loyalty in your brand.
  • Handling and de-escalating difficult customer interactions.

Fee: Starting at $20,000/quarter

Knowledge Creation and Management

  • If no documentation exists, learn your product and create knowledge ecosystem (all internal and external documentation).
  • If documentation exists, identify gaps and weaknesses, optimize your content, and create sustainable maintenance systems.
  • Create and deliver a voice, tone, and style guide in alignment with your brand voice.
  • Train your Support team to write and maintain their internal and external knowledge bases.

Fee: Starting at $15,000/quarter

Voice of Your Company in Customer Communications Program

  1. Create a Voice and Style Guide for customer communications that will define your:
  • Desired personality in customer communications.
  • Your tone and style for consistent written and visual communication across all customer touchpoints (customer support, help center, apps, social media, website, etc.).

2. Review and edit your existing written materials and customer communications for adherence to the Voice and Style guidelines, including:

  • Ticket macros, social media macros, and help documentation
  • Desktop or Mobile App UI / UX copy

3. Create a process for reviewing, editing, and approving future written materials and customer communications.

4. Create and deliver training for your Customer Support team and other team members to understand and apply the Voice and Style guidelines to future customer communications.

Fee: Starting at $9,000/quarter

Bad Job Bingo-Proof Your Job Descriptions

Uh oh! Are candidates playing Bad Job Bingo with your job descriptions and winning? (You don't want your job descriptions to win Bad Job Bingo.)

Are you having trouble matching candidates' expectations and profiles with your open roles?

I can help!

  • I'll review your job descriptions (JDs) for common red and yellow flags and help you rework your JDs to avoid them.
  • Advise you on how to communicate your company's mission, vision, and culture effectively, openly, and honestly, facilitating a better, quicker fit between your company and potential candidates.

Fee: Starting at $50/job description

Other Super Serious Services

Being That Person Who Tells Your CEO No

Do you have a CEO who’s about to fire your entire Support team and replace them with a poorly configured chatbot? Is your CEO personally arguing with every disgruntled customer who looks their way?

Look no further! My services in this area include:

  • Saying “that’s a terrible idea” when something is a terrible idea
  • Repeating no until it sinks in
  • Driving to your CEO’s house and physically taking the keyboard out of their hands
  • Throwing their cell phone down a well
  • And other consultative services catered to your CEO!
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