Roundup FAQ

What is the Support Human Roundup?

Long answer: it's a weekly roundup of news, jobs, and other noteworthy bits and happenings from around the customer experience world (with some commentary from yours truly thrown in).

Short answer: I'm still figuring it out! This is a work in progress and it will likely evolve as I figure out what works and what doesn't.

Do you take submissions?

Yes, please. Send submissions to:

What kind of submissions do you take?

Pretty much anything related to the Customer Experience profession/field: news, jobs, blog posts, podcasts, videos, books, funny or interesting social media posts, and so on.

I'll also take the above from adjacent areas like Tech, labor, hospitality – basically anything you think I or other CX humans might be interested in.

When you submit, let me know if you'd like me to credit you – I'm always happy to!

I'm a customer experience professional, can I submit my own content?

Yes, and I encourage you to! This is a blog (and a roundup) written by CX humans for CX humans, and especially considering the current job market, I want to boost you and your work however I can.

Some ideas for content that you can submit for the roundup: blog posts, articles, podcast episodes (that you are host of or were a guest on), video interviews, viral or very relevant social media posts, books you wrote, etc. This is a non-exhaustive list, though – don't be afraid to submit other stuff, as long as it's relevant to our topic!

You can submit content that you created for free or were paid to create, however:

  • At least 90% of the content must be helpful or informative. In other words, it's okay if there's a CTA for trying a product or service or if there's advertising, as long as it's a relative fraction of the content.
  • The content must have been created by you and not by AI. Yes, I will check, and yes, I can tell.
  • The content cannot be behind a paywall and cannot require contact info to access. The Support Human Roundup is not a source for lead generation, not matter how life-changing your new ebook is.
  • The content must be publicly attributed to you. I must be able to easily verify that you are the creator of the content.

I work for a company, can I submit our CX jobs for the Roundup?

Yes, but please be aware that I play Bad Job Bingo with every job opening listed in the Roundup and that I rate / categorize the jobs accordingly.

When you submit a job for the Roundup, you’re agreeing to the condition that it’ll be subject to a game of Bad Job Bingo, the outcome of which may or may not please you. I reserve the right to make jokes, rant, or otherwise write words that reflect my reaction to and professional assessment of a job description, and I will not remove a job from the Roundup because you don’t like or agree with said assessment.

I work for a company, can I submit our content?

I mean, I can't stop you, but I won't use it. The Support Human Roundup is not a source for lead generation, not matter how ground-breaking your AI product is.

Can my company sponsor the Support Human Roundup?

I'm flattered you're interested, Hypothetical Marketer / Partnerships Manager! But no. Companies are not people,[1] but if you as the individual reading this would like to support my work, you can subscribe or buy me a coffee.

If you'd like to buy the Support Human Roundup, on the other hand, let's talk. Bids start at $1,000,000.

You didn't use something I submitted! How dare you?

I know, so rude. But I reserve the right to use or not use anything submitted for the Roundup at my sole discretion and without explanation.

  1. Suck it, Citizens United. ↩︎

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