I write (and ghostwrite) engaging, expert customer experience-related content for a variety of companies and audiences.

Help Scout

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Managing Your Customer Lifecycle - Help Scout
Learn how to manage each stage of the customer lifecycle so that customers will not only stick around long-term, they’ll also become advocates for your company.
Benefits of AI in Customer Service: 4 Ways AI Can Help - Help Scout
Generative AI can be an incredibly powerful tool when implemented and used correctly. Here are four benefits of using AI in your customer service experience, as well as advice on how to do so responsibly.


How to Hire and Manage a Diverse Customer Service Team - Klaus
A diverse customer service team can strongly impact your company’s competitiveness and bottom line. Here’s why, and how to build one.
How to Calculate and Improve Customer Service ROI - Klaus
Trying to demonstrate the impact of customer support on profits? Go through the numbers and calculate your customer service ROI. Here’s how.

Peak Support

Training Remote Customer Support Agents: 11 Best Practices, Tips & Tricks to Set Your Customer Service Team Up for Success - Peak Support


How to measure your support team’s capacity (and manage it well)
Discover how to effectively measure and manage your support team’s capacity to prevent burnout and ensure optimal performance.
Expert tips and tools to keep your Customer Support team updated
Discover expert strategies for maintaining effective communication and information flow within support teams.
How ChatGPT handles common customer support scenarios
Explore the practical use of ChatGPT in handling typical customer support scenarios.
46 ChatGPT prompts to help you write better Customer Support documentation
Discover how ChatGPT can transform your help center’s efficiency with 46 prompts to help you write better documentation.
How to Structure a Help Center for a Better Customer Experience
Designed by Freepik In today’s online-centric world, providing a way for your customers to find information and solve problems themselves is vital. This is true regardless of the industry you’re in: 75% of consumers say that self-service is a convenient way for them to address customer service issues. Robust and well-structured help centers (also sometimes called knowledge bases) are a huge component of any self-service strategy. This insight is grounded in feedback from customers themselves: 91


8 Soft Skills Proven to Improve Customer Service
Understand the importance of soft skills in customer service. Learn why it’s important to invest time and effort into mastering them.
How to Set Customer Service Goals for Success
Learn how to set customer service goals for success. Tips for managers and customer service agents who want to improve their customer service skills.


18 Negative Feedback Examples (+ Guide on How to Give It Right)
Discover effective negative feedback examples and master the art of constructive criticism with our guide. Improve your feedback skills now!


The Top 25 Knowledge Base Software Solutions for 2024
How to find the best knowledge base software solution for your needs. Includes a guide on how to approach your search, a template rubric for comparing solutions, and a list of knowledge base tools.


Internal vs External Knowledge Bases (And Why You Need Both) - Tettra
Internal and external knowledge bases: What’s the difference? And do you need both for your company support team?
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