I'm Steph Lundberg, and I'm a Support Human.

I've worked in Customer Support for tech startups and growth-stage companies since 2014. After supporting project management tools (Shortcut), edtech products and huge learner communities (Khan Academy), and heading Support teams both full-time (Abstract) and fractionally (Jyve), I'd like to use what I've learned to help your company build an effective, empathetic, and resilient Customer Support team.

I focus on establishing sustainable Support tooling, policies, processes, training, and reporting, particularly for teams with limited resources. And as your Support team scales and your product evolves, I'll be there with expert advice, helping you identify potential risks to your company’s customer experience and offering solutions to tackle them head-on.

Just starting out and feeling lost? 

I'll dive right in, familiarizing myself with your product and building you a complete knowledge and customer care ecosystem. I cover everything from internal and external documentation to ticketing systems, making sure you have all the right tools to excel. I can also help you determine your staffing needs, create job descriptions, manage hiring, and train your early or growing support team.

Already have a small yet mighty Support team, but feeling a bit overwhelmed? 

I'll conduct an audit, identify gaps, and optimize your existing infrastructure and documentation, ensuring it's comprehensive, clear, and easy to maintain. And don't worry - I'll also provide all the training needed to keep things running smoothly.

Need an engaging, cohesive Support voice?

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it is vital for your company to have a unique, consistent, and recognizable voice that resonates with your customers. I'll help you develop your Customer Support voice, tone, and style to perfectly align with your brand. I'll build key cross-team relationships and customer communications to make sure your customer's voice is always centered.

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